Meet the artist, ....

Ok… so I am slightly allergic to the madness which is social media these days, but I have had so many requests to share more about my work and myself that I thought this could be a great way to at least give some more insight into who I am and what I am trying to accomplish in my work.

I love instagram as a way of sharing because I love taking photos of my work. Getting a response to the visual gallery on instagram is so helpful when I spend most of days working for hours alone. its like having an awesome “peanut gallery” always giving an honest response t how the work makes them feel, what they like, don’t like… It is such an incredible platform for visually sharing, but talking about or writing about my work is a different story. I find it difficult to grasp the right words and give an explanation that comes out in the way I want to present it because I live very much inside my own head. My ideas and thoughts make sense to me in my mind and I know how to depict these feeling and moment through my artwork, but not really in many other ways. I am trying to be better as I don’t want to miss out on opportunities to share what I am doing here.

I am your classic “hermit style” artist. I love to be at home with my work , making more work, thinking about my work, creating work, you get the picture. I even find it difficult sometimes to switch on “mom mode” when my daughter gets up or comes home from school. The reality is that I would selfishly love to live inside that space in my mind that is fully immersed in my creative process, but I have to snap out of it so I can be the other parts of me that are required. Maybe that sounds harsh, but its’ the truth. I love my children and my puppy “Lottie” , but it can be a struggle to navigate these different layers to who I am in my daily life.

We live in Berlin, Germany. it has been one year now and it has been quite an experience for all of us. My work has grown and I have grown as well. I understand better than ever who I am and what I want to be doing with myself. There have been numerous adjustments, many terrifying moments, plenty of tears, but all in all I am so glad we came her and that we have done this. I will share at a later date what is next on the agenda for our next location. We won’t be staying in Berlin past the holidays. Its time to move on…

I have two daughters, Zana is 11 and lives here with me, and Kodie is 20 and lives in Maastricht, Netherlands at University there. I have raised them both alone so far and continue to do so until I find room to not only be in love with them and Lottie ,my little Tibetan terrier pup and my work.

I think the most valuable stories I can share here are the most personal ones. Of course most of this relates to being a contemporary female working artist , to being a parent and navigating a career in art, to always trying to improve and grow, to having ideas and nurturing them to either fail or succeed, to following the path that I meant to be on and then last, but not least, my creative process.

I am currently developing a body of work that is a “visual dialogue” between my paintings, collages and drawings and my new wooden sculptural pieces. I have a few shows in process of development in both the USA and Europe for 2020 and I look forward to being completely engrossed in these different exhibitions with give a more in depth view of my indulgences in textures and forms, in building layers and giving a sense of something that you can get the sensation of touch in your mind, just by looking at it. The body of work is called “how it feels” and I can’t wait to share it all with you. I have some previews of some of the sculptural pieces, the collages are next in line to be worked on.

Stay tuned for more posts. I want write about the process of trying to do artist residencies as a woman with a family. its a real bear trying to find opportunities that support that, never mind trying to do it when your kid has to go to school. I can’t leave fora month, 2 weeks is a stretch! it’s something that needs to be addressed.

thanks for reading. have a spectacular day!