An estimate for pricing can be established once the fabric type, the quantity, and artwork has been selected. Some of the artwork is more complex than others and requires a much greater amount of work, therefore pricing can not be determined in a standard amount. Per yard, the price range is $350 to $700 depending on the artwork and the fabric selected. 

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The Studio Collection by Heather Chontos 

Custom Process

In the Studio Collection, Heather combines her painting style and unique colour palette on textiles, to stand out in a room, in a completely new way. These pieces are custom made to order with the utmost attention to artistic detail and the highest quality of care.

These designs are unique in that they are all created by hand. Every detail from start to finish is carefully completed by the artist herself utilising a special type of paint that is for textiles specifically. This paint can be set on to the raw material with heat so that it will retain the design within its fibres and can be washed according to special instructions. 

Heather likes to work closely with the person she is creating for communicating clearly and thoroughly before a creation begins. The process of working by hand on these large scale textiles,  is quite intimate and personal as well as labor intensive and enjoys getting to know who she is working  with when possible.

Because of the nature of the textile paints, natural fibres can only be used as the raw material. Heather works on Cotton canvas,  Linen and raw silk.


Due to the nature of the designs, small samples of the textiles do not represent the artwork well, therefore a full size panel can be checked out of the sample library for up to 10 days at a time with a  credit card deposit for the sample piece, once the request is approved.

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