"I had been introduced to Heather through a very good friend. I immediately fell in love with her work, her colors and their graphisme is quite unique. We also really loved her raw sketches on paper and decided to reproduce them into wall coverings. We are in the process of developing our collaboration and cannot wait to see the final result ! Also, our collaborations are all about encounters and Heather was such a pleasure to work with and such an amazing character"

- Pierre Frey -  Pierre Frey Paris

“Heather is one of my favorite contemporary artists. Her use of color and scale is so refreshing, I especially love the more unexpected color pairings she uses and the nuance of shading and saturation in her pieces.  The most delightful thing about Heather's creative practice is her compulsion to paint, which is evident in her own creative space, where every object has been turned into a work of art, from the chair, to the bed, to the clothing hanging in the closet.”

Michelle Kohanzo - CEO Roman and Williams Guild

“When I first saw Heather’s work, I fell in love.  She has a beautiful way with graphic composition and texture.  It was as if all of my ‘oh my God that’s perfect’ buttons had been pushed simultaneously.  I am a huge fan of her more simple pieces. It’s her manipulation of color that makes her work so compelling…it’s modern, timeless and superbly executed. She’s an incredible talent.”

Deborah Camplin, SVP Design, Kate Spade New York.


"What I admire most about Heather Chontos' art is the uninhibited sense of confidence it exudes. There is no room for uncertainty in her canvases. The slight curve to her rectilinear elements suggests motion and stroke, while her geometric color fields provide an offsetting feeling of permanence and place. The tension between these two, hiding  just below the Bold fields of vibrant color, draws the viewer back into each composition, with the sense that there is a surplus of energy somewhere, that could not be absorbed in a single, initial encounter. Her paintings say “Hey, I’m right here. Look at me.” They do not blend in. They do not play nice. They do not wait to be called on. They have chutzpah. Just like Heather herself."

Mary Jo Hoffman - STILL BLOG